Three Big Reasons to Upgrade to Leather Seats

We all know there’s nothing quite as luxurious as custom, premium Katzkin seats, but do you know some of the more practical reasons to upgrade to leather?

1. Leather is durable. High-quality leather will easily wipe clean of most spills that you’d have to scrub out of cloth, and it’s certainly much easier to keep dust and other allergens to a minimum with a leather interior. Cloth seats will also absorb (and emit) more odors over time.

2. Increased resale value. A vehicle with a leather interior has a greater resale value than one without, so you get to enjoy the luxury now and recoup some of the costs later. Given that Kelley Lakeland already offers a great deal on high-quality custom leather seats, you can recoup an even higher percentage of that cost later on!

3. Comfort. On their own, leather seats are usually softer and more comfortable than your typical cloth seats, and they actually get softer and more flexible as time goes on, unlike cloth. With just a little maintenance, your leather truck seats will get even better with time!

Listen as Shawn explains your options for getting Katzkin leather in your truck!

So if you’re ready to upgrade to leather, call us at (863) 225-9672 to see how much it would cost to add our custom leather truck seats to your vehicle today! Not only will you be working with an authorized Katzkin leather dealer, but we also have over 23 years of experience in working with leather in our service center. We can make sure your leather seats look beautiful, and will be safe and long-lasting!
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