1. We are the Leader In making sure you get the best truck possible through extensive testing and reconditioning of all our HAND PICKED TRUCKS !


2. Our business is built on word of mouth and GRASS ROOTS ADVERTISING . Which rewards us with an unbelievable 73 percent of our sales result from repeat and referral customers. People trust KELLEY LAKELAND and come back over and over again AND they bring their friends and family with them!


3. To assure you that the safety and security of you and your family is our top priority, we honor that promise with the option of a bumper-to-bumper warranty on every truck sold , 12 months of free maintenance, and our exclusive 7-day return/exchange policy.


4. All of our Kelleys Custom Trucks are Lifted and Customized By Us that means it's DONE RIGHT ! and has no unseen issues that could cause you $1,000's of dollars down the road giving you the peace of mind your custom truck has been done right the first time by PROFESSIONALS !


5. Our finance team at Kelley Lakeland will simplify your truck loan application and provide solutions for customers with good credit, bad credit or no credit. With years of experience , A Franchised GMC Store and a network of lenders, the staff at our dealership will get you an auto loan you can afford. With the Strongest Buying Power Of Any Dealership.